12 Days of Collabmas: What It’s Like to Work With Me

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, the cowriter that Ris has been referencing in all these posts over the past few days. I’m here because we thought that if we were going to talk about cowriting, then we needed to give each other’s readers an inside look at what it’s really like to work together. Marissa makes theContinue reading “12 Days of Collabmas: What It’s Like to Work With Me”

12 Days of Collabmas: The Origin Story

Welcome to the 12 Days of Collabmas! A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, two women were entirely obsessed with one nerdy TV show. That long time ago was 2016, and that far away galaxy was Tumblr, a site that is truly not of this realm. Fanfiction was where my writing storyContinue reading “12 Days of Collabmas: The Origin Story”

Coping with Post-Draft Disorientation

A few weeks ago, I finished the first draft of my first novel. It was the dream, my story was told. The sand was in the sandbox, and now I had to build castles with it. It didn’t feel the way that I’d expected it to. As proud as I was, I just felt lost.Continue reading “Coping with Post-Draft Disorientation”