12 Days of Collabmas: The Origin Story

Welcome to the 12 Days of Collabmas! A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, two women were entirely obsessed with one nerdy TV show. That long time ago was 2016, and that far away galaxy was Tumblr, a site that is truly not of this realm. Fanfiction was where my writing storyContinue reading “12 Days of Collabmas: The Origin Story”

An Ode to My MFA Program

The decision on whether the MFA is beneficial to writers of today is hotly contested and widely debated. (See: To MFA or not to MFA.) There’s no right answer, but all of the talk has made me want to share how I came to mine.  Side note: Are MFAs as widely debated in other fields?Continue reading “An Ode to My MFA Program”

Coping with Post-Draft Disorientation

A few weeks ago, I finished the first draft of my first novel. It was the dream, my story was told. The sand was in the sandbox, and now I had to build castles with it. It didn’t feel the way that I’d expected it to. As proud as I was, I just felt lost.Continue reading “Coping with Post-Draft Disorientation”